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Our mission: To advance public policy solutions that drive economic growth, innovation and talent while providing a new collaborative platform to address emerging tech issues and trends.

Collaboration is critical to making Indiana an even better technology and innovation hub.

The Indiana Technology & Innovation Council was formed in June 2016 – under the management of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce – to facilitate better communication and coordination among interested parties. A particular focus is public policy, so that technology leaders present a strong, unified voice at the Indiana Statehouse and beyond. 

The focused effort in this area aligns with the Indiana Chamber’s Dynamic and Creative Culture driver in its Indiana Vision 2025 long-range economic development plan.

The latest: Attend the Technology Policy Summit on December 1 to discuss key policy priorities for the upcoming legislative session that impact technology and innovation-driven businesses in Indiana. Influential business, legislative leaders and members of the Governor’s administration will be participating. 

To learn more or to join the Tech Council, contact Mark Lawrance at (317) 264-7547