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Public Policy

Over the decades, the Indiana Chamber of Commerce has played a key role in many landmark public policy victories that have enhanced both the state’s business climate and quality of life for Hoosiers. The Indiana Technology & Innovation Council combines the successful foundation of the Indiana Chamber lobbying team with that of other like-minded organizations and industry leaders to better advocate for and accomplish a pro-technology public policy agenda.

Among the Tech Council’s areas of focus:

  • Keeping talent in state / lack of skilled workforce / proper education offerings that match jobs
  • Access to capital, grants, tax credits / lack of start-up investors
  • Lingering effects of RFRA and state not expanding civil rights protections to LGBT community
  • Burdensome regulations or taxes
  • Lack of statewide tech focus that has proper support for growth
  • Perception of Indiana as not a tech state / ensure state actions don’t harm tech sector
  • Bandwidth availability

Read our 2018 public policy agenda.

During the legislative session, you will be encouraged to let your voice be heard through our grassroots program; it’s a quick and easy way to let legislators know a particular bill is important to you and your company.